Sept 2015: SAAFoST Biennial International Congress

Tags: Food safety, food security, nutrition, sugar consumption

Album Contents

Jaques Rousseau

University of Cape Town's Jaques Rousseau delivered a presentation titled "Sugar addiction: Potential harms, probable pleasures, and pervasive paternalism"

Gunnar Sigge SU 2

Prof Gunnar Sigge, Head of Department & Associate Professor at Stellenbosch University's Department of Food Science is SAAFoST Past President (2010 – 2013) and an affiliate of the CoE in Food Security whose project focuses on Biochar research for water health


UP student presentations 2

As part of our capacity building mandate, each year the CoE in Food Security provides funding opportunities for postgraduate students to participate at both local and international conferences.


CoE director Professor Julian May delivered a presentation titled: "Food insecurity: Are we at risk and what can be done?" during the international congress


University of Pretoria's Professor Naushad Emmambux's research focuses on novel technologies in food science to address nutrition related issues. At the SAAFoST Congress, Emmambux, also an affiliate of the CoE delivered a presentation on "Update on dietary fibre issues: Definition, method of analyses, health implication and regulatory aspects"


Professor Schönfeldt of UP delivered a number of presentations during the Congress including one unpacking the South African food basket and dietary habits of adults


CoE affiliate and UP's Professor Gyebi Doudu spoke on the "Effect of cooking and in vitro digestion of cowpeas on phenolic compounds and biomarkers for inflammation, cardiovascular disease and cancer"