Hungry Cities Conference: Informality and the urban food system

Tags: informal food, informal economy, food system, food security

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2016-02-15 14.19.15

Informality and the urban food system: Policy, practice and inclusive growth through a food lens, 15 February 2016, UCT Graduate School of Business, Cape Town

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Professor Edgar Pieterse, Principle Investigator, Hungry Cities Partnership

2016-02-15 09.52.54

Dr Jane Battersby of the African Centre for Cities, UCT presented on "Space for Cape Town’s Informal Food Economy"

2016-02-15 15.39.36

The informal economy is a critical access point for food for most poor urban communities. This largely unrecognised sector also provides livelihoods: a recent report by the City of Cape Town suggests that this sector could be the City’s fifth largest source of employment (creating more jobs than the construction industry).

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Greater attention needs to be paid to the informal economy in the cities of the Global South, where its benefits to the food insecure are potentially enormous.

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Presenters discussed their research findings about urban food insecurity and informal trade in Cape Town and other cities in the Global South – such as Kingston, Jamaica, and Nanjing, China – with alarming levels of food insecurity.

2016-02-15 10.14.33

Other presentations focused on migrant traders and the role of women in the informal economy

2016-02-15 17.30.48

Gareth Haysom of the African Centre for Cities, UCT, spoke on "Managing informal food systems"

2016-02-15 15.23.10

Draconian policing and neglect are among the ways informal trade is restricted and very few city managers embrace this sector.

2016-02-15 15.55.43

Ines Raimundo from the Eduardo Mondlane University, presenting on "Informal Traders and Maputo’s Urban Food Economy"

2016-02-15 11.45.55

Florian Kroll an affiliate of AFSUN sharing insights on Johannesburg’s Informal Food Economy

2016-02-15 16.59.08

Dr Arundhatie Kundal of the CoE in Food Security at the University of the Western Cape presented on: "Street Food Livelihoods Trail: From India to South Africa"

2016-02-15 17.13.18

Caroline Skinner of the African Centre for Cities, UCT, and WEIGO presented on: "Food and the urban informal economy"