World Food Day Panel Discussion

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2016 World Food Day Panel Discussion: Food insecurity, the consumer food environment, formality and informality in the South African food system.


Researchers affiliated to the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security shared findings from their working papers on the challenges associated with achieving food and nutrition security in South Africa, during a World Food Day event, on Tuesday 18 October 2016.

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The panel discussion was a collaborative project between the CoE-FS and PLAAS at the University of the Western Cape, as well as the African Centre for Cities and the Labour and Enterprise Policy Research Group, (both) based at the University of Cape Town.

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Professor Andries du Toit, Director of PLAAS. The research presented during the World Food Day event raised complex and important policy questions related about the South African food system, and at the same time, highlighted practical solutions that government could implement


Presenters highlighted the complex set of factors affecting food choices and diets, with a special focus on the impact of food systems on diet, nutrition and livelihoods in South Africa.


Panel 1: How can we address broken world food systems? – Prof Raymond Auerbach, Soil Science & Plant Production, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

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"Food insecurity and nutrition” panelists considered the challenges of ensuring food and nutrition security and uncover sustainable approaches to improving access to food and nutrition for all.


Dr Coretta Jonah of UWC's Institute of Social Development presented on "Child hunger and food insecurity in informal urban dwellings in South Africa"


Presentation on "Safe food in informal trade” by Professor Lise Korsten of UP and Co-Director at the CoE


Presentation on "Climate Change, Livestock Production and Meat Consumption in South Africa” by Prof Voster Muchenje, UFH

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Panel 2: The consumer food environment, corporate power, food and nutrition security


Can a corporate dominated food system ensure food and nutritional security in South Africa? – Dr Stephen Greenberg, PLAAS, UWC

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Dr Nicole Claasen of the Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research at North West University speaking on "Corporate influence on the consumer food environment"

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Independent Researcher, Mr Florian Kroll’s presentations unpacked "Obstacles to poor South Africans making healthy food choices"


Professor Julian May, director of the CoE chaired a panel on “Food insecurity and nutrition"

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Mr Imraahn Mukaddam of the Consumer Action Network/SA Food Sovereignty Campaign

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Mr Tristan Gorgens from the Western Cape Provincial Government (Food Security Strategy lead) was the discussant on Panel 3: "Livelihoods, formality and informality in the food system"

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Dr Scott Drimie of the Southern African Food Lab, University of Stellenbosch delivered a presentation on "Understanding South African food and agricultural policy: Implications for the agri-food Value chain, regulation, and formal and informal livelihoods"

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Emeritus Professor David Sanders of the School of Public Health, UWC and Principal Investigator at the CoE

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Going nowhere fast? Changes in working conditions on fruit and wine farms of the Western Cape – Ms Margareet Visser, Labour and Enterprise Policy Research Group, UCT

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What is the value of the Constitution?’ Value chains, livelihoods and food security in South Africa’s large-scale and small-scale fisheries – Dr Oliver Schultz, Environmental Evaluation Unit, University of Cape Town

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The highly interactive panel discussion generated much debate and questions from attendees


Dr Jane Battersby of the African Centre for Cities, UCT speaking on “Food and nutrition in the global development agenda”


Dr Jane Battersby, African Centre for Cities, UCT


Mr Mervyn Abrahams, Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action (PACSA)